High Reactivity Metakaolin
The White Alternative to Silica Fume

Manufactured For:

  • High Strength & High Performance Concrete
  • Grouts, Mortars, Blended Cement Products
  • Architectural Precast & Decorative Concrete
  • Stone / Brick Veneer & GFRC

PowerPozz™ (HRM) – an amorphous alumino-silicate, is white in color and is a proven alternative to Silica Fume. From elegant interior concrete fixtures, to large High Performance Concrete infrastructure projects, PowerPozz™ (HRM) has exceeded the design and performance criteria demanded by architects and engineers.

PowerPozz™ (HRM) provides superior pozzolanic performance that contributes to the improved strength, durability, chemical resistance, ASR mitigation, water absorption, efflorescence control, and aesthetics for quality concrete and cement based materials. PowerPozz™ (HRM) will also enhance the concrete rheology, providing a smoother, creamier mix that improves the handling and finishing characteristics of the concrete.

Through a proprietary calcining process, PowerPozz™ (HRM) is specifically manufactured to optimize pozzalanic reactivity and to exceed industry standards. An ISO 9001:2000 certification ensures the highest levels of quality and consistency.

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