Applications & Benefits


PowerPozz High Reactivity Metakaolin has been successfully incorporated into applications for concrete and related products throughout North America and the international marketplace. The following sections will describe many of those applications and the benefits that were achieved through the use of PowerPozz.

Federal and State DOT Infrastructure Projects

Meets Engineering Specifications for High Performance, High Strength, and Lightweight Concrete.

  • Bridges (structural and non structural components)
  • Pavement Overlays
  • Water Supply and Marine


  • Reduced Permeability
  • Increased Strength and Durability
  •  Prevention of ASR

Precast and Repetitive Concrete Products

  • Precast
  • Cast Stone
  • Block, Brick, and Paving Stones


  • Increased Strength and Durability
  • Reduced Permeability and Efflorescence
  • Improved color and Appearance

Fibercement Products, Ferrocement, and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concret

  • Roofing Products


  • Reduced Drying Shrinkage
  •  Reduced Overall Permeability
  • Improved Strength and Toughness

Dry Bagged Products

  • Mortars
  •  Stuccos
  •  Repair Materials
  •  Pool Plaster


  • Reduced Permeability and Efflorescence
  • Improved Finishability, Color and Appearance

Specialty Uses

  • Blended Cements
  • Oil Well Cementing
  • Shotcrete
  • Decorative Interior Concrete Fixtures
  • Sculpture

PowerPozz High Reactivity Metakaolin has proven itself to be a highly versatile and effective concrete additive. It has been, and will continue to be, an important component in the modern world of construction. Companies and researchers around the world are now looking at new and innovative uses for this material. We can’t wait to see where it will take us next.