General Use

High Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM)
Engineered Mineral Admixture For Use With Portland Cement

USE PowerPozz™ in:

  • High Performance, High Strengthand Lightweightconcrete
  • Precast Concrete for Architectural, Civil, Industrial, and Structural
  • Fibercementand Ferrocement products, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Mortars, Stuccos, Repair Material, Pool Plasters
  • Manufactured Repetitive Concrete Products

USE PowerPozz™for:

  • Increased Compressive & Flexural Strengths
  • Reduced Permeability & Efflorescence
  • Increased Resistance to Chemical Attack& Prevention of ASR
  • Reduced Shrinkage
  • Improved Finishability, Color& Appearance

USING PowerPozz™:

PowerPozz™ should be used in terms of total cement weight at 5-15% loading rate. Tests have shown that for optimum pozzolanic reactivity with Ca(OH2), an 8% replacement is efficient. For prevention of ASR or efflorescence, as well as for enhanced durability in GFRC, higher loading rates, up to 15% by weight of cement may prove to be most effective.

In terms of concrete works, as always, good production and construction practices must be observed. Most importantly the water/cement ratio must be controlled. When using PowerPozz™in concrete, the use of superplasticizers, entrained air, and/or fly ash is recommended to help increase and maintain placement slumps without increasing the water content. Ask your ACT representative for assistance in testing and optimizing your formulation.


PowerPozz™substituted directly for or added to OPC at 5 -15% by weight will:

  • Greatly reduce porosity and permeability
  • Increase early (1-28 day) compressive strengths
  • Improve late (56+ day) strengths
  • Provide long term durability where ASR is a concern
  • Reduce occurrence of efflorescence
  • Provide enhanced resistance to chemical attack (sulfates, chlorides, acids).


If you are already using a high performing pozzolan in your production (i.e. silica fume/microsilica) PowerPozz™can be substituted directly. In terms of compressive strength, a reduction of the addition rate of PowerPozz™may be possible for equivalent performance. Testing with specific cements, aggregates, admixtures, etc., is strongly recommended to confirm appropriate proportioning. Further, the potential to reduce the dosage of superplasticizer required in a PowerPozz™formulation from that of a comparable silica fume mix is possible.

Substituting PowerPozz™for silica fume in existing formulationswill:

  • Maintain or increase compressive strengths at early ages (1-28 days),
  • Maintain long term compressive strength development (>28 days),
  • Disperse more easily in the mixer with less dust,
  • Not darken the color of the paste or mortar, and
  • Reduce superplasticizer demand for the target slump.

PowerPozz™is compatible with chemical admixtures, as well as with other pozzolans and supplementary cementing materials, i.e.: fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag.