Silica Fume

Densified and Undensifed
Handling and application-specific material sizing produced for:

  • High Strength and High Performance Concrete
  • Grouts, Mortars, and other Blended Cementation Formulations
  • Shotcrete and Concrete Repair Formulations
  • Fiber Cement Products, Wallboard, Refractory Products
  • Oil Well Cementing

Silica Fume – Is a high-performance pozzolan with unique chemical and physical properties that enable cement-based systems and mix designs to achieve higher levels of performance and durability. Silica Fume allows engineers and specifiers to meet and exceed design and performance criteria.

Silica Fume will greatly increase concrete strength and reduce permeability which in turn contributes to increased durability for chemical resistance, chloride attack, sulfate attack, and abrasion resistance. Increased cohesion using Silica Fume aids in Self Consolidating Concrete and Shotcrete applications.

A carefully controlled production process ensures that the high quality densified or undensified silica fume will meet and exceed all industry standards and specifications.

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You can purchase Silica Fume or Metakaolin in bags, super sacks, or bulk shipments